Māori Economy

Kel Sanderson’s contribution to FoMA acknowledged at its 25 th anniversary conference

Wednesday November 07, 2012

Kel Sanderson receiving his award from the Federation of Māori Authorities


BERL congratulates Kel Sanderson on his award from the Federation of Māori Authorities (FoMA) on its 25th anniversary conference recently held in Taupō. The award acknowledges Kel’s contribution to the establishment of FoMA and his role as its Chief Executive during its early days.


BERL also extends congratulations to FoMA on its 25th anniversary and acknowledges the role it has played in advocating and representing its members over the past quarter century. The next 25 years is set to be even more challenging for FoMA. Its contribution will be even more central to improving the performance of land-based and related sectors and organisations in the Māori economy.


BERL wishes FoMA well in its future endeavours and looks forward to continuing our close relationship with its members, as we both work towards lifting the prosperity of Māori businesses and the well being of Māori and all New Zealanders.