Buller tops BERL Regional Rankings in 2011

Friday March 30, 2012 Jason Leung-Wai

The Buller district was the best performing local authority based on the BERL regional rankings for 2011.  This year’s report also ranks regions and cities, with Auckland the best performing region, and Tauranga the best performing city.

The BERL regional rankings compare the performance of individual local authorities, regions and cities across four short term, four medium term, and one long term indicator of economic activity.  The indicators used are population, employment, GDP and businesses (for the latest year and the five year average), and a Relative Openness Index (which measures the composition of industry within the region).

These indicators are derived from publicly available data and form the BERL Regional Database, which contains trend data across a number of industries.  BERL uses this database to support regional economic development activity and strategy for a number of clients.

You can download a copy of the report here.  For more information about the regional rankings report, please contact Jason Leung-Wai at BERL.