Economic Profile of the Hawke's Bay

Wednesday November 17, 2010

BERL has conducted economic profiles for regional and district councils, and economic development agencies across New Zealand.

An example of what these economic profiles provide can be viewed here in an economic profile of the Hawke’s Bay region. Using the latest data available, this profile assesses the Hawke’s Bay’s performance and composition over the past year (2010) as well as the region’s fastest growing industries for 2010 and over the past five years (2005-2010).


This profile shows that although the Hawke’s Bay’s performance was below the national average for 2010, the region has performed strongly in the medium term, with notable growth in employment, business size and the number of business units. The profile also shows that:

  • The Retail and Distribution Sector was the Hawke’s Bay’s largest employer including the Accommodation, and Cafes and Restaurant industries.
  • The Business Services Sector contributed the largest amount to the Hawke’s Bay’s Gross Domestic Product (31% of the region’s total). This sector includes the Property Operators and Developers, Machinery, and Equipment Hire industries.
  • The fastest growing industries in 2010 and over the past five years were the Forestry and Logging, Sport and Recreation, Storage, and Community Services industries.

Information provided by these economic profiles helps district or regional planning with information like:

  • where jobs are and where they are growing;
  • what industries provide income for the region and what ones are growing; and
  • what industries are expanding in terms of creating new businesses in the region.

The Hawke’s Bay economic profile is one of our ‘snapshot’ profiles, which provides a quick and high-level overview of the region’s economy. More detail can be provided and tailored to fit required needs.

For more information about the report, or to enquire about getting an economic profile of a district or region, please contact us on 04 931 9200 or email us at