Brexit: Stock markets sanguine, but a rough ride is still likely

Monday July 04, 2016 Mark Cox

The immediate reaction of pundits in the financial world to the Brexit vote in the UK was one of shock, quickly followed by near-panic. Share prices had been buoyant just before the vote, in the belief that a Remain result was assured. But they fell sharply on the day the result was announced, and they fell further on the following trading day. The general view was that Brexit would lead to significant economic disruption and, in all probability, recession.

US Economy – picking up steam?

Tuesday September 10, 2013 Hugh Dixon

The release of three major US economic indicators over the last two weeks, are all pointing to the fact the US economy has been picking up steam since March 2013. If the US economy can sustain this stronger growth over the coming year than the US economy will be in good shape to sustain strong growth over the coming years. A strong growing US economy will go a long way in helping the global economy; including New Zealand’s economy to grow at a higher level.

US Employment – Showing strong growth in June 2013

Thursday July 11, 2013 Hugh Dixon

In July 2013, the United States of America’s (US) Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) has released data on the US’s employment and unemployment for the June 2013 month. In the month of June 2013, America’s non-farm employment increased by 195,000 to 144 million, after a 195,000 increase in the May 2013 month.

Cracking a Chinese niche market

Wednesday May 29, 2013 Dr Guang Yang

As widely publicised, the first quarter of 2013 saw China replace Australia as the main destination for New Zealand’s exports. What is also worth noting is the speed of change that has occurred in getting to this position.This is notable as it indicates a momentum, and potential, for the future.

Australian Budget 2013

Friday May 17, 2013 Hugh Dixon

Julia Gillard’s Australian Federal Government released their budget for the 2013-14 year on Tuesday 14 May 2013. The Australian government’s budget like so many around the world, including New Zealand, is aimed at returning the Australian Government’s books to a surplus.

US employment growing slowly in March 2013

Monday April 15, 2013 Hugh Dixon

While employment rose in March 2013, it was the smallest increase in monthly employment since June 2012, according to the released data on the US’s employment and unemployment for the March 2013 month by the United States of America’s (US) Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) The average monthly increase over the year to March 2013 was 159,000.

Cyprus Bailout – The Right Decision?

Tuesday March 26, 2013 Hugh Dixon

On Monday 25th March (NZ time), the Cypriot Government along with the heads of the European Union (EU), the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund, came to an agreement about how Cyprus would raise the €5.8 billion from its banking sector.

China planning to enforce paid annual leave

Monday February 25, 2013 Dr Guang Yang

China is looking to enforce paid annual leave more rigorously to ensure that most workers can enjoy better holidays by 2020. Currently, the length of paid annual leave varies, but largely depends on how long one has served in his or her current workplace.

US Federal Reserve announce stimulus targets

Friday December 14, 2012 Hugh Dixon

On 12th December 2012 the US Federal Reserve announced, for the first time, its explicit stimulus thresholds. The Federal Reserve announced that it will hold official rates at 0.25 percent for as long as the US unemployment rate was above 6.5 percent, and that inflation two years out is no more than 0.5 percent above the Federal Reserve 2 percent long-run goal.

Australian economy continues to hum

Tuesday September 11, 2012

Australian GDP and unemployment data for the June 2012 quarter reveals that, overall, the Australian economy continues to grow strongly. But, the fact that the Reserve Bank of Australia has been lowering the Official Cash Rate throughout 2012 is an indicator that the RBA is worried that this growth will not continue without some help.