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Berl completes economic impact of Visa Wellington on a Plate 2012

Wednesday October 24, 2012 Jason Leung-Wai

BERL recently completed an economic impact analysis of Visa Wellington on a Plate 2012 (the ‘festival’). This year’s festival was the biggest yet, with 108 restaurants participating in Dine and 106 events. Sales for events were over $800,000 and restaurant sales were up over 20 percent during the festival.

The analysis found that VWOAP attracted over 20,000 unique visitors, with close to 1,200 being attracted from outside of Wellington Region, and a further 3,000 from the Wider Wellington Region.

Not only was the festival bigger but there was a greater proportion of out of region visitors who stayed longer and spent more than in previous festivals.

The economic benefit for Wellington City was total additional expenditure of $5.5 million, which generated GDP of $2 million and employed 41 FTEs for one year.

For Wellington Region, the economic benefit was a total additional expenditure of $2.5 million, which generated $655,000 in GDP and employed 14 FTEs for one year. The festival continues to grow in size and stature and has the potential to become an iconic event on the Wellington events calendar.

The report also looked at the wider benefits of the festival and concluded that WOAP has raised the region’s reputation as the culinary capital of New Zealand and connected Wellington food suppliers with local restaurants that will provide long lasting benefits to the Wellington Region.




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