Masrur Alam Khan

Thursday September 26, 2013
Research Economist

  • Bachelor of Applied Finance with the degree of Bachelor of Economics (Macquarie University)
  • Master of Economics (Econometrics Focus, Macquarie University)

Masrur joined BERL in 2013 following a short stint at the Commonwealth Department of Education in Canberra right after graduating from Macquarie University. The Sydneysider has studied economics, econometrics and finance up to a postgraduate level and has a strong interest in both the theoretical and applied aspects of each discipline.


At BERL he wishes to develop his skills as an applied economist and build a career in consulting through working on a wide variety of projects involving multiple industries and sectors.


In his spare time Masrur likes to keep up with local/global events and enjoys exercising, playing computer games (mostly strategy and city building types) and spending time with friends & family. He also has a strong interest in film & TV, literature (specifically science and crime fiction), comedy, sport (particularly football and rugby), technology and learning new things.    

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