Working with us

Working with Us

Our business is based on providing you with sound, practical, independent business and economic advice.


We will work with you and your organisation to inform your decisions by understanding your problems, collecting evidence and applying our economic insights.


During all our projects, from before the start to after the finish, you are the first port of call.  From pre-proposal stage to post-decision assessment we prefer to plan a project with you rather than from behind our desks.  Your input is just as valued as ours.  We also count on a network of consultants and specialist contributors to bring together the best range of expertise suitable for your project.


Our work will not always be headline grabbing, but it will add to the knowledge of the way your business, iwi, workforce, community, or industry works.  And we will use that knowledge to help improve your organisation.  If that means we have to tell you something you don’t like, we won’t shy away from that task.  But we will give you the evidence to back up our thoughts.


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